Smart Motion Sensor
Smart Motion Sensor
Smart Motion Sensor
Smart Motion Sensor

Smart Motion Sensor

Model: LP70

This discrete and compact Smart Motion Sensor will make your smart home more intelligent. This device can be added to any Lightwave Smart Series system to trigger automations based on motion and ambient light level within a room. For example, this means you can trigger a Lightwave Smart Dimmer to turn on for 10 minutes when someone enters a room after dusk, like a utility room or toilet room.

This device can also help you make substantial energy savings by automating your lights, appliances and heating to be turned off when a room or an entire home is unoccupied.

  • Compatible with HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant

  • Motion sensor uses Passive Infrared Technology

  • Long battery life

  • No latency on motion trigger

  • Built-in ambient light sensor

  • Highly customisable automations utilising motion trigger and ambient light level

  • Adjustable sensitivity and adjustable no motion reset time

  • Pet friendly motion sensing by optimising positioning and sensitivity threshold

  • Easy install with magnetic mount for easy battery replacement

  • Adjustable mounting angle for perfect sensor coverage

  • Wide angle sense zone up to 160 degrees at 2m distance or 90 degrees at 6m distance

  • Product Dimensions: 65 x 39 x 47 mm (includes magnetic mount)


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This product is eligible for a Lifetime Product Warranty with Lightwave PLUS

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