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Take the complication out of a smart decision.

What is included?

Virtual Appointment

We will schedule a digital face-to-face meeting at a time that suits you. In-person site visits are also available.

Live Product Demo

See our products in action, and understand the immense capabilities of the Lightwave system.

Advice Tailored for You

Smart home can seem daunting, but we try our absolute best to provide impartial advice specific to your needs.

Personalised Specification

Take us through a virtual tour of your space while we suggest meaningful solutions through our fantastic range of products.

Electrical or Building Plans

In the middle of a project? Give us your plans ahead of time and we'll build a bespoke Lightwave solution for you.

No Obligation Quote

We'll follow up with a quote based on all of the detail gathered during your consultation.

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Why choose Lightwave?

More and more homeowners are seeking the benefits of a connected and intelligent home. Lightwave is the most advanced smart home system that can be installed with standard UK electrical wiring. Check out what makes our system the best option.

Device-level energy monitoring

Our system goes several steps beyond a smart meter, identifying at a granular level how and where energy is consumed within a property. The Lightwave system provides powerful insights into personal consumption, energy costs and environmental impact.

Pin-point where you're wasting energy, and use Lightwave as a tool to save money on your energy bills!

Impeccable wireless range

Ever had range issues with WiFi? Yes, we know!

That's why the Lightwave system uses a completely separate RF band for wireless comms, 868MHz. When we test our devices in an open field, our engineers can travel over 600m (direct line-of-sight) and still send & receive commands from our devices.

It just works.

Control & monitor lighting, power and heating from anywhere

Lightwave provides a complete smart home solution that integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, amongst many others.

A truly connected home.

Magic Button: any button, any function

This feature is incredibly useful for customising your home. Through Lightwave automations, you can trigger any number of actions from a single button press. This includes wireless two-way and multi-way switching. You can even make a wireless master switch for the entire property!