The Paddock

Barn Conversion

Can you envision a tired and run-down barn transforming into a beautiful and modern smart home? That’s precisely what CP Developments and Smart Home Genius achieved in just under 9 months with this stunning project.

This property is a revelation for those who seek the harmonious blend of innovative technology, contemporary aesthetics, and enhanced productivity. In this case study, we delve into the details behind this remarkable transformation made possible through Lightwave technology.

Setting The Scene

Perched atop a hill in the heart of Nottinghamshire, the Paddock offers awe-inspiring panoramic views of the surrounding natural landscape. Home to a charming family, this property is a true dream home that exudes grandeur. This grandeur is heightened by the large windows and a towering 3-meter-high door that can be remotely accessed using the owners' bespoke smart home app, delivered by Smart Home Genius.

Design, First And Foremost

Lighting design plays a pivotal role in the overall aesthetics of the home. Custom light fittings with profiled LED strips envelop the home and the purpose-built fitness centre, creating an immersive and comfortable experience for the residents. Lightwave Smart Dimmers are an integral tool in realising this vision, without compromising on style or overall aesthetic design.

Helena, the property's owner, articulates how Lightwave dimmers offer a perfect blend of aesthetics and function. The choice of these switches was driven by their minimalist design, tactile appeal, and intuitive user-friendliness.

"My husband and I searched for ages for a light switch that could do all of the smart stuff we needed while still complementing the look we were going for. It was the design and the high-end look and feel of the switches that made it an easy decision to go with Lightwave. Nothing else even came close."

Trigger Scenes, Control Anything

One of the most intriguing aspects of Lightwave products lies in their multifunctionality and versatility. In this property, Lightwave switches extend their control to blinds, privacy-enhancing frosted glass, and even an outdoor pool cover. The homeowners can craft personalised modes for any area of the home, such as a chilled mode, a bright mode, or a movie setup, all orchestrated through voice activation, the bespoke app, or any Lightwave switch around the home.

The Future Is Here

Traditionally, realising the benefits of home automation within a property of this scale would require thousands of pounds worth of network cabling, rack-mounted connector boxes, and loads of other hardware, all installed and set up by engineers during construction. This presents numerous challenges and inconveniences, particularly when the homeowner wishes to modify any element of the system, expand it, or address any faults.

Wireless technology is now capable of delivering the same level of reliability and functionality while completely revolutionising and simplifying the installation, setup, and control process. Given the modular and retrofit approach of the Lightwave system, you can expand your smart home as you see fit, and resolving snags or technical issues is significantly easier compared to the colossal wired systems of the past.

Seamless Smart Home Meets Beautiful Design

In conclusion, this property exemplifies how smart home technology can enhance convenience, comfort, and productivity without compromising on aesthetics. It underscores the adaptability of Lightwave products, proving their effectiveness in properties of all sizes, from cozy apartments to sprawling estates. This project is a testament to how smart home technology seamlessly melds with exquisite design to elevate the quality of life for its residents.