Meet the Smart FAMILY

Personalised lighting, room by room, however you want your home to feel, whatever you're doing.
Enjoy your home in its best light. Beautifully designed smart light fittings to help control your lighting from wherever you are.

The benefits of smart lighting

Let’s be honest, the main reason most of us want smart lighting is the cool factor. Being able to create scene lighting effects at the touch of a button from our smartphone, or even by voice commands is something that will impress friends and family and brings smile to your face. However, there are also many practical reasons for investing in the technology

Set scenes

 Use a Lightwave smart socket to create the perfect atmosphere in your living space, however you want your home to feel at any given moment.

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Stay secure

Set Lightwave schedules for a smart socket to switch the radio or TV on, or use smart sockets to switch lamps on at certain times to simulate occupancy. 

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Smart Speaker control

Lightwave products seamlessly integrate with Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Alexa, so you can control your home using voice commands.

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Save Energy

The Lightwave Energy Monitor shows your energy usage in real-time and tells you how much your energy is costing per hour, just like a smart meter.

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What our customers say

Control your lights from anywhere.

Smart, simple and Stylish.

Simple to Install

Lightwave is the first comprehensive DIY smart home range in the UK. It’s simple to install yourself and integrates seamlessly with other leading smart home products for worry-free wireless home automation.

Works with Lightwave 

Integration with voice control devices enables you to dim lights, change heating temperatures, control sockets and more without having to open the Lightwave App.