Introducing Our New Downlight & Bulb Range

Fully Tested. Fully Compatible. No Stress.

We get it, bulb compatibility can be a bit of a headache. You want your smart home to just work! With our new bulb range, we provide you this peace of mind. All of these products have been extensively tested with the Lightwave range, meaning they can go straight from the box into your home and will instantly provide excellent performance. We also stock a full range of bezels, fittings and accessories to perfectly fit your needs. Why check out some of our favourites below!


Fixed 10W IP65 Integrated Dimmable LED Fire-Rated Downlight

Perfect for usage in small quantities, IP65 rated, so highly resistant to dust and water, and available in to colour temperatures. This downlight will make a great addition to any room when combined with the range of bezels we stock.

5W IP65 Integrated Fire-Rated Dimmable CCT Downlight

Smooth dimming performance coupled with adjustable colour temperature makes this a great addition to any room. Available in fixed and adjustable versions, in 4 stylish colours, it is great for larger set-up needing multiple lights.


4.7W GU10 LED Dimmable High Output Lamp

Our GU10 is an exceptional lighting option that offers advanced features and energy efficiency. With its OptiDim dim to zero technology, it provides smooth and precise dimming capabilities, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance, with the peace of mind that it is fully tested with Lightwave.

9W E27 Dimmable LED GLS Lamp

Our 9w LED GLS (General Lighting Service) Lamp offers a high lumen output and is a true alternative to a traditional 60w Lamp. It is fully tested with Lightwave while the Lighting Grade opal lens provides a true Omni-directional spread of light similar to the output spread of a traditional light source.


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