Lightwave PLUS Service Description

Lightwave PLUS Service Description

Lightwave PLUS is a membership which includes the following benefits and services:

1. Priority Member Support: Premium support through bookable appointments. Lightwave's team of experts can help with setting up new systems, performing smart home health checks, and provide customised advice for customers to get the most from their Lightwave system.
1.1. Smart home consultation: This is a dedicated appointment via phone or video call for Lightwave experts to virtually visit the member’s home and advise on the best Lightwave solution. There may also be an opportunity to follow up this consultation with an in-person visit to the property. This visit may be chargeable and would be explained during the initial consultation appointment.
1.2. Smart home health check and optimisation service: This is a dedicated appointment via phone or video call for Lightwave experts to review the current Lightwave system, other smart home technology and the member’s smart home goals. Lightwave will review the member’s devices and automations to advise on how to get the most out of their Lightwave system. Lightwave will also advise on integrations with other smart home technologies such as voice assistants, configuration, and compatibility with other brands.
1.3. Product & automations set up service: This is a dedicated appointment via phone or video call for our Lightwave Technical Support Experts to help set up or amend the member’s automations, assist in adding or optimising a range of system operations such as timers, schedules and “magic button” features. This is especially useful when setting up a new Lightwave system for the first time, or when adding to an existing system.

2. System Backup & Restore: Lightwave servers automatically backup a member’s system configuration, including automations, users and device data.
2.1. Lightwave regularly back up a member’s Link Plus configuration storing it in Lightwave's cloud servers.
2.2. A customer's Link Plus system configuration can be restored by recalling previous versions of their system. This data can be restored to an existing or new Link Plus hub.

3. Membership Lifetime Warranty: Whilst you are a subscribed member of the Lightwave PLUS service, you will receive a Membership Lifetime manufacturer warranty on your applicable Lightwave Products.
3.1. Applicable products include those of Lightwave’s ‘Smart Series’ range of products, purchased within the two years prior to commencement of your Lightwave PLUS membership. Proof of purchase is required.
3.2. Under the Membership Lifetime Warranty service, Lightwave will replace applicable faulty devices up to a maximum of 5 devices in a rolling 12-month period. [If you have been a member for less than 6 months, Lightwave will replace applicable faulty devices up to a maximum of 2 devices.]
3.3. Lightwave reserves the right to repair your device(s), or replace them with previously repaired or refurbished devices. For clarity, the cost of de-installation and re-installation of any devices provided under this service is the responsibility of the Lightwave PLUS member.
3.4. Upon request, if a Lightwave PLUS member’s Link Plus hub becomes faulty within the terms of the standard product warranty, a replacement will be sent with the member’s backed up configuration data already loaded. This does not cover accidental damage, or any damage caused by misuse of the Link Plus hub.
3.5. Lightwave's standard product warranty can be found HERE.
3.6  From 1st December 2023, the previous ‘5-Year Extended Warranty’ member benefit will be replaced with Membership Lifetime Warranty as stated above.

4. Reward Points: Points are automatically accrued against Lightwave PLUS membership fees and new product purchases. Points can be redeemed towards Lightwave product purchases directly from Lightwave.
4.1. 100 points are worth £1 toward Lightwave products
4.2. For every £1 spent on Lightwave PLUS membership, receive 10 points
4.3. For every £1 spent on Lightwave products, receive 5 points

5. Enhanced System Features: Lightwave PLUS membership unlocks unrivalled system features as described HERE.