Copperfields - Case Study

A Smart Home Journey With Lightwave

Over the course of several years, Mark and his family transformed their beloved home in a charming neighborhood into a modern marvel. In this case study, we unveil the story of their smart home evolution, all made possible through the innovative Lightwave system.

Setting The Scene

Mark and his family purchased this house several years ago, a charming house in an ideal neighborhood. The property was a bit tired, and required significant renovation and enhancement. Over the years, they embarked on a large renovation project, expanding the living space to the rear, installing a new kitchen, modern bathrooms, fitted furniture, and incorporating smart lighting and power monitoring. Their goal was to create a place they could proudly call home.

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The Smart Home Approach

Their journey into the world of smart homes began with the purchase of a few Alexa devices, like many homeowners. They loved the convenience of voice control but were searching for more things to use Alexa for. Initially Mark was amazed that Lightwave allowed you to switch a light on with a simple voice command. This feature opened their eyes into what could easily be achieved if they selected the right solution.

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Enter Lightwave

Lightwave entered the picture nearing the end of the renovation, as Mark was researching dimmer switches that were compatible with the wide variety of light fittings throughout his home. Their electrician recommended Lightwave for its modern designs, straight-forward installation, advanced capabilities, and flexibility in gaining smart control with existing lamps.

Smart bulbs were an option that Mark considered, but these can be very limiting in terms of selecting light fixtures, and the switch on the wall would cut power to the bulbs, negating the smart features. Also based on the number of lamps around the property, the individual cost of each smart bulb can add up very quickly, making Lightwave the more affordable (and vastly more capable) option.

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Copperfields Case Study_Lightwave Smart Home_IMG_08_Cropped.jpeg__PID:eb0262a6-fc2b-42dd-b70b-9c1b64098ad4
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"We really like the voice control, my son loves it! He utilises it every day. I like the LED colour-changing faceplates, I think it matches our home and makes it look really modern. The energy saving is a major plus point, especially over the last couple of years."

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Factors in the Decision

While considering other options, Mark found that the high-end systems used complex wiring schematics that required trained engineers to provide installation and ongoing maintenance. The costs were significantly higher than Lightwave, with similar functionality. A few of Mark’s close friends had already been using two of these expensive systems in their own homes, and Mark was surprised to learn they offered no benefits over the Lightwave system and once installed, it was not feasible to add onto the system in stages.

Expansion Over Time

Mark started with a Lighting & Power Starter Kit connected to the Link Plus Hub, finding it easy to wire and user-friendly to set up. The sleek design of the switches garnered compliments, leading them to expand their smart home gradually. Now, the entire house is equipped with smart sockets, switches, and relays that can be controlled manually, via voice commands, or remotely through the app.

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Exceptional Customer Support

Mark’s experience with Lightwave's customer support team has been fantastic. As a new user, Mark and his electrician both received patient and supportive guidance to grasp the basics. When installing slightly more complex relays and outdoor lighting options, Lightwave’s support team assisted with detailed instructions. They've never experienced an error or downtime with the product, only needed a bit of guidance here and there.

Advice to Future Smart Home Enthusiasts

To anyone planning or nearing the end of a renovation project, Mark definitely advises to consider the benefits that smart home technology can provide. Consider your budget, reach out to Lightwave, speak to a specialist, and order a starter kit. Your Lightwave system will be able to grow alongside your confidence in the system and the company.