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Why Lightwave?

You want you home to be connected, intelligent and to save you money! Our system is offers an advanced way to control your home whilst being effortless to install. See below for more details.

Device-Level Energy Monitoring

Our system takes the function of a traditional smart meter and amps it up to eleven, identifying how and where energy is used within your home. The Lightwave app provide an insight into how much energy you're using, what it costs you and the environmental impact.

Impeccable Wireless Range

Ever had range issues with WiFi? Yes, we know!

Lightwave's hub and devices use a special frequency that provides excellent range and signal stability, working up to 600m with direct line-of-site, meaning you'll never have to worry about your system struggling again!

Control & Monitor Lighting, Power And Heating From Anywhere

Lightwave provides a complete smart home solution that integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit alongside our app, meaning you can fully control you home wherever you are.

Magic Button: Any Button, Any Function

With Lightwave automations, you can trigger any number of actions from a single button press. A master switch for all the lights in your home? Sure! Control table and floor lamps with a wall dimmer? Go for it! Trigger mood lighting scenes? Why not! The options are endless.