Migrating To Our Smart Series

Our Connect Series range of products were introduced to the market in 2010. At Lightwave, we value our loyal customer base and we're thrilled to offer our devoted customer an easy way to migrate to our Smart Series.

Check out the benefits of migrating below:

Connect Series vs Smart Series

FeatureConnect SeriesSmart Series
Works with Apple HomeKit⭕️
Works with Alexa
Works with Google Assistant
Works with Samsung SmartThings
Works with IFTTT
Works with Philips Hue⭕️
Works with Sonos⭕️
Works with HomeAssistant⭕️
Stateful, two-way communication⭕️
Extended wireless range⭕️
Push notifications⭕️
Built-in energy monitoring⭕️
Magic Button: any button, any function⭕️
Over-the-air wireless firmware updates⭕️

Smart Series: The Next Generation

Device-level energy monitoring

Smart Series products go several steps beyond a smart meter, identifying at a granular level how and where energy is consumed within a property. The Lightwave system provides powerful insights into personal consumption, energy costs and environmental impact.

Over-The-Air Updates

Smart Series products are capable of receiving wireless firmware updates, ensuring a robust, future-proof system. Some examples of new product features that were introduced through firmware updates is energy monitoring, push notifications, On/Off switch mode and ever-expanding lamp compatibility optimisation.

Advanced Automations

Smart Series automations are significantly more powerful than those available in the Connect Series app. Timers & Schedules are much more customisable, and we've added five more types of automations.

Magic Button: any button, any function

This feature is incredibly useful for customising your home. Through Smart Series automations, you can trigger any number of actions from a single button press. This includes two-way and multi-way switching - you can even make a wireless master switch for the entire property!


Enter your Connect Series account email into the 'discount voucher' box during checkout to unlock the following:


£64.98  £129.95

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A one time deal, add as many devices to your basket along with your half price hub and receive 25% off the rest.


Send your Connect Series hub back to us for recycling, and we'll send you a FREE Contact Sensor worth £39.95

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It Gets Better!

Trade in your LW930 Connect Series Hub and receive a FREE Magnetic Trigger worth £39.95!

How does the trade-in work?

1. Order the exclusive upgrade bundle above

2. Migrate your Connect Series devices onto your new Smart Series hub (the Link Plus)

3. Use the pre-paid postage parcel to send your LW930 hub back to us 

4. We'll send you a Smart Contact Sensor - absolutely FREE