LED Bulb Compatibility

Due to the lack of uniform standards in the expanding LED market, LED lamp (bulb) technology and performance currently varies greatly. This has made compatibility with dimmer switches a difficult issue to resolve for manufacturers. Lightwave dimmers have been purpose designed to automatically calibrate to individual lamp types to ensure that they are compatible with the latest dimmable LED lamps, and in this regard the dimmers are one of the leaders in their class. Whilst the majority of dimmable LED lamps perform very well from the moment that they are installed, some varieties of may require manual calibration, or additional lamps on the circuit to increase the total load. A minority of lamps may continue to function poorly even after calibration. To guarantee the best experience with dimmable LEDs, a good solution is to use the pre-tested bulbs recommended on our compatibility chart.

Our new chart is constantly being updated and expanded. If you do not see the lamp type that you require, please feel free to give us a call for extra advice.

As a general rule we do not recommend exceeding 60W of LED load per gang for Lightwave Smart and Connect Series dimmers (unless exceptions are recorded on the charts), but damage to dimmers may occur at levels below this if the LED lamps used are not not dimmable (always check the lamp spec) or incompatible, so we strongly recommend adhering to the compatibility charts..

Lamp TypeManafacturerModelColourWattage
Min no. of lampsMax no. lamps
GU10PhillipsMaster Xpert colour2700K warm white5.5W215
GU10PhillipsClassic LEDspot MV2700K warm white5.5W115
GU10PhillipsMaster LEDspot value4000K cool white7W
6 pack dimmable LED2700K warm white4.9W215
Screwfix brand2700K warm white4.6W219
GU10Sainsbury'sHome2700K warm white5.2W115
E27PhillipsCore pro LED spot R632700K warm white4.5W210
E27PhillipsMaster LEDspot PAR382700K warm white13W110
E27TescoLED Classic2700K warm white15W19
E27Sainsbury'sHome2700K warm white8.5W115
E14LAPScrewfix brand2700K warm white5.9W110
E14PhillipsLED spot R502700K warm white4.3W110
E22PhillipsMaster LEDbulb2200-2700K11W28
E22TescoLED Classic2700K warm white15W19
E22All LEDAGU1055D/604000K cool white9W18
E22SainsburysHome2700K warm white8.5W19

LED Compatibility - Downlights

Lamp TypeManafacturerModelColourWattage
Min no. of lampsMax no. lamps
DownlightLumi-PluginLP110WH3K3000K warm white8.5W110
DownlightLumi-PluginLP110WH4K4000K cool white8.5W110
DownlightAuroraAU-MPRO1/303000K warm white7W
EFT60W30-0 13000K warm white6W15
DownlightAurora Enlite E8
EN-DE8/303000K warm white8W110

Every effort is taken to ensure the information provided about the lamps on this chart are accurate. Due to fluctuations in conditions of electrical supply and individual installations Lightwave do not guarantee this chart will work in all situations and will accept no liability against lamps purchased.
The chart is for guidance purposes only to highlight limited testing completed internally