Wifi-link (equivalent to Lightwave Link)


Wifi-link (equivalent to Lightwave Link)

Model LW500 (Generation 1)

The Wifi-link is the core of the Lightwave system and provides control of your home from anywhere via the Lightwave App. It is plug and play and simply uses a standard ethernet cable to your home broadband WiFi router. Once powered up, the Wifi Link allows the App to control over 200 individual LightwaveRF devices in the home from wherever you are. This can include dimmers, switches, sockets, heating, alert systems and outdoor lighting.

Please note: As this item is refurbished, it may not come with original or any packaging. The Wifi-Link is a discontinued product, but it is equivalent to the newer LW930 Lightwave Link, and there is no difference in terms of operation / functionality.

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