Locket is insurance priced according to the smart tech you use to keep your home secure.

Protect the things that money can’t replace, with preventative home insurance from Locket. They help you use smart tech to protect your home and reward you with a lower price when you do. Control your subscription from the Locket app, and cancel anytime, with no fees.


Make your home safer with Locket and Lightwave

With protective smart tech in your home, like Lightwave Smart Series products, you are less likely to make a claim. Locket rewards you for actively protecting your home by giving you a discount on your home insurance premium. As a Lightwave smart tech user, you can benefit from this discount on Locket home insurance.

Prevention-first home insurance

Locket empowers you to protect your most prized possessions with smart tech. They give you a fairer price on your insurance for doing so and offer a discount on some of the best tech on the market. It's replacing the idea that insurance exists simply to replace your stuff. Locket helps you get the most out of your home insurance with their exclusive deals, security and safety tools, and ability to control your cover, all in the Locket app.

Deals on smart tech

As a Lightwave smart tech user, you’re not only eligible for a discount on your Locket home insurance premium, you also have access to Lightwave deals exclusive for Locket members:

  • Save £35.59 on the Lightwave Lighting & Power Starter Kit in the Locket Smart Store - exclusive to Locket members.
  • Lightwave Smart Lighting Kit - 47.8% off for Locket members (T&Cs apply)

Get a quote in under 60 seconds

Try Locket for 14 days. If you don’t like it (and you haven’t made a claim) they'll give you all your money back. No fees, no faff, no nonsense.