Smart home? Smart home insurance.

Lightwave is proudly partnered with Locket – a new kind of home insurance that empowers you to actively protect your home and family using smart technology.

Get a discount on Locket’s 5-star Defaqto-rated home insurance, just for owning Lightwave smart devices.


How can a smart switch stop a thief?

86% of convicted burglars say they avoid occupied homes at all costs. Smart lighting solutions like Lightwave can switch lights on and off automatically, or in response to motion, to pretend you’re home (even when you’re not).

Unleash your smart home superpowers and stay one step ahead of the game with Locket and Lightwave.

Insure the things that are valuable.
Protect the things that are priceless.

Insurance that’s as smart as your phone

Get a quote in an average of 6 questions and 60 seconds; check and change your level of cover right from the app. Access exclusive deals on smart tech, security and safety tools, and expert advice on protecting your home.

Already got home insurance? Locket will even help you switch – and they’ll cover any cancellation fees your old insurance provider tries to charge you (up to £250). Join thousands of happy UK residents taking safety into their own hands.


Save time. Save money. Save the day.

Locket members get exclusive, members-only discounts on hand-picked smart tech to protect your home, from world-class brands like Lightwave.

The more you install, the safer you get – and the less you pay for your Locket insurance. You can’t buy peace of mind, but this is pretty close.

Exclusive deals in the Locket Smart Store:

  • Get 47.8% off the Lightwave Smart Lighting Starter Kit!
  • Save £35.59 on the Lightwave Lighting & Power Starter Kit.

If you love it, Locket.

Try Locket risk-free for 14 days – if you don’t love them in two weeks, they’ll refund you 100% (so long as you didn’t need to claim). No admin fees, no cancellation fees, no nonsense.

Ready for smarter home insurance?

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