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Benefits Of Lightwave Smart Technology

Lightwave makes life easier with beautifully designed smart home technology that fits your lifestyle. Lightwave’s smart home of the future provides the comfort, security and convenience of being able to control & monitor your home from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Simply plug your Link Plus into your wireless router and you’ll be able to create spectacular scene lighting, set room-by-room temperatures, automate security lights and monitor your energy consumption – the possibilities are endless!

Earn 7% commission

High Average Basket Value

High Conversion Rates

Access to Product Feed


Commission of 7% is only paid on the value of an order excluding VAT and P&P.

What are the benefits?

- Earn 7% commission
- A high average order value of £150+
- High conversion rates
- Access to our entire product inventory via a Product Feed
- Timely commission payments

The affiliate programme is available in the UK only. Apply to join the programme now.

Affiliate Programme Terms